Expert witness in elder abuse and nursing home negligence

Mary S. Webster,
Expert Witness


I began my career in Connecticut in 1975 doing church-funded Social Work for elderly parishioners, including home and institutional visits. Seeing the deplorable conditions of nursing homes sparked my interest in finding a way to make things better. Two years later, following additional coursework, a year-long internship, and successful completion of state and federal licensing exams, I became a licensed Nursing Home Administrator.

Throughout my career I’ve been hired to manage facilities “in distress” as well as those facing severe regulatory restrictions and sanctions for sub-standard (and sometime dangerous) care delivery. At one such facility in Connecticut, for example, I became administrator just days before an annual survey that documented an astounding 180 pages of deficiencies. Six weeks later, under my leadership, the facility had no deficiencies whatsoever.

With my years of work in the field as a licensed administrator, I know there are many very good nursing homes and care facilities in the U.S. Unfortunately, there are also a significant number of poor ones. My hope is that by keeping a watchful eye on problems, and by setting high standards of excellence as an administrator, I will help raise the standard of care for everyone.

Whether you are working for the Plaintiff or the Defense, I am here to support your case by lending my expertise. I am available to collaborate with professionals in any state.


Professional Highlights

B.S. in Social Work and Family Relations and Child Development
Syracuse University

Master’s Degree in Human Services
Keene State College

Certification in Residential Care For The Elderly
State of California

Nursing Home Administrator—35+ years
Licensed in CA, OR, NH & CT

Expert Witness in Elder Abuse & Nursing Home Negligence


I dedicate this work to my mother, Alice M Scobey (1905-1998), and to all vulnerable elderly.